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Thread: Tank summary incorrect - LTTB

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    Tank summary incorrect - LTTB

    My LTTB shows as 160 Wn8 over 6 games. If I drill down to the tank ratings tab, it still shows 160. However the progress tab shows 1228 for last 60 days (6 games), which should be about right. Wotlabs shows 1134.

    My T-34-85 shows as 1964 Wn8 over 640 games. I had noticed a big jump a few days or a week ago. Wotlabs shows 1626.

    Seems like some recent change has made some calculations on some pages incorrect.

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    Also no Wn8 for my E75 - 19 battles. Again progress tab seems to match what Wotlabs shows, but the other tabs do not.
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    It has been slow updating my VK1602 Leopard. Even though it has last battle time ok, the WN8 is very out of date. But it is a new tank for me so maybe that is why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    But it is a new tank for me so maybe that is why?
    I think because is new that you are noticing that there's a problem. I assume this is affecting calculations for all tanks.

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    See also here:

    Will look into it.


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