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Thread: T-54 first prototype not displayed correctly

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    T-54 first prototype not displayed correctly

    Hi Phalynx.

    The "T-54 first prototype" is not displayed correctly in my profile with regards to WN8. The tank itself, number of games, winrate, damage per game etc values are all there, but WN8 column just shows a "-" within the "tanks" subpage. If i select the tank and go to the WN8 tab, it shows both at the expected as well as the "yours" part of the page only "0" as values. That is a bit confusing, cause at all other sites like wot-life or wotstats my T-54 first prototype is correctly listed with 4201,97 WN8 (the same value that the ADU Quick Summary showed me).

    Can you please check that?


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    See also here:

    Will look into it.


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