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Thread: ADU "server offline" constantly for me

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    ADU "server offline" constantly for me

    Hi, and happy new year :-)

    I am trying to get a good look at my detailed tank stats, especially the advanced stuff like expenditure.
    I have DLed ADU v3.6.0.7.

    When I run it with my profile I have been getting Server is offline results all the time.
    I first tried before Xmas and then decided to wait until the New Year in case the server was down and might be sorted out when everyone gets back from a break, but unfortunately I still get the same result.

    I have had a look through the forum but I seem to be the problem rather than the "system" but can't find what I am doing wrong.
    Might my configuration be wrong?
    A firewall issue (Wiin7 +Norton)?

    Any help appreciated.


    PS: I can upload the dossier manually but that doesn't give me the advanced stats I am really looking to see
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    Happy new Year!
    Please check if your firewall blocks ADU on Port 82.

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    Awesome .. now working.
    Love the stats site!
    Thank you very much


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