Hello Lads,

when I arrived back home from Cyprus received another outcry that players are not just being unfairly banned because they belong so certain clans but also if they are seen in battles with the T-22 sr. , this is a old issue that I've written about before, if you are interested: http://goo.gl/4YpYws

The only thing I would like to repeat is that yes, there are some clans can be quite infamous due to their frequent racist or/and elitist remarks and yes the T-22 sr. missions were widely rigged but people lose the right to complain once they start giving reports when those players are not misbehaving or there is no proof that they indeed rigged.

Things are reaching a point that just being a good player is enough reason to be reported by randoms, for example Mistercro, he got banned yesterday while doing a charity livestream (which got fully funded!