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Thread: Quick Summary (dark version) difficult to read

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    Quick Summary (dark version) difficult to read

    This is my first post here so, hello

    I love the website and I'll make sure to donate once I have to resources to, keep up the work!

    Lately I've especially been loving the page of the website.
    I love dark themed websites and I'll go out of my way to find styles for them, so that is perfect.
    The one problem is, when stats are displayed in other colours than white they're often hard to read.
    If one of the devs could look into a way of fixing that (for instance: a white background for all the stat numbers) that would be great.

    See an example here.

    Thanks again

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    Small suggestion for quick overview (website)

    vbaddict/quick gives a really nice dark overview of your stats of the past 12 hours, by far my favourite page.
    There's one suggestion I'd like to make though: Could you add black (or another colour) shadow to the numbers?
    Some colours are very hard to read.

    Here's an example.

    Thanks for everything you do!

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    A shadow behind the font?

    As for readability, the white background version is easier to read.

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