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Thread: Not getting Patreon recognition.

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    Not getting Patreon recognition.

    I tried to make this a private message, but vbaddict doesnt allow them. I've attached my e-mail address, you get my 5 dollars every month. I have the reciepts to prove it. I could care less about the recognition, but I'm still getting your annoying support ad in my quick summary. I will be happy to provide said reciepts. (quick edit, also seeing that I get recognition in the forum but still getting the ad. First post, so just now seeing the supporter tag)

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    Thanks for your support!

    About that "Ad", it's just a message you can click away with the x on the upper right corner. Sorry if this disturbs you, the notification system does not recognize the Patreon Supporters, as it uses another database. I will implement this in a future version.
    All supporters (including Patreon) have a higher priority while uploading data. You shouldn't see a "Busy" message for a while now.


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