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Thread: Status Report: Which Tier?

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    Status Report: Which Tier?


    Slava and I want your feedback:

    If you could play World of Tanks with just single tier tanks and all the battles would be within the same tier (you play only lvl 6 tank and you only fight same lvl tanks), which tier would you choose?

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    Thank you.


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    well to be honest tier IV (ke-Ho, matilda,stug B.hetzer all nice and fun tanks to play)
    although i like the obj 140 (X) panther 8,8 premium and tier VII, T29,type64,cromwell B(although it could use a more accurate gun),T150, KV-1 and the T1 Heavy, PZ1C,T46,and not forgetting the french tier II H35 (Hotchkis)


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