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Thread: WotLabs and ADU

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    WotLabs and ADU


    I've been using WotLabs to track my stats until I stumbled across your web site. I was intrigued by the amount of information you provide and so I installed, uploaded my dossier, results, and replays and activated to auto upload as I played my last session. I was very much impressed with the format you provide to present the data.


    First of all, how do I get all of my historical data loaded? It seems I've only provided data for a few days (about a week I think).

    And finally, when I went back to check stats at WotLabs I seeing that the last 24 hours of stats are not available there any longer. Why is that?

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    The rich informations are not available via API, therefore only your uploaded data (which are like a snapshot) can be analyzed.

    Wotlabs is using only the API, which has also history data for few months, but only the core fields.

    About Wotlabs not updating I would suggest to open a ticket there.


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