seems like the tier 7 German leKpz M 41 90 mm is finally making its way into the game, there are some new screenshots and updated stats:


German variant of the M41A1 Walker Bulldog light tank modernization. The main change was the replacement of the 76mm M32 gun that was re-bored to 90mm and was made 425mm shorter.
Tier: 7 premium LT
Hitpoints: 900
Engine: 500 hp
Weight: 23,5 tons
Power-to-weight: 21.28 hp/t
Maximum speed: 72,4/24 km/h
Hull traverse: 54 deg/s
Turret traverse: 52,1 deg/s
Terrain resistance: 0,575/0,671/1,151
Viewrange: 400
Radio range: 745
Hull armor: 25,4/25,4/? mm
Turret armor: 25,4/25,4/? mm

Gun: 90/76 mm US-Kanone M 32
Damage: 240/240/320
Penetration: 170/206/102
DPM: 2085,7
ROF: 8,69
Reload: 6,904

Accuracy: 0,384

Other Screenshots: