Having gone over the patch notes, there are a few things that I'm not too pleased with; some of this is very subjective, but hey, have blog, will bitch.

  • The SU-85 has lost it's 107mm gun. This turned a very capable (yet blind as a bat) TD into a very mediocre machine. No doubt it's still a money maker, but the new 85mm gun doesn't offer much of an upgrade past what the SU-85B has. Unfortunately this means the SU-85 will be one of those frustrating TD's, much like the Hetzer. It's fast, but can't do much damage, whereas a derp-Hetzer is slow, but can kill things.
  • The Marder has gone from 400 to 360m viewrange. The view range on the Marder is what made it such a nice TD at the tier it was at, even though one could say the range was overpowered. The reload time and dispersions on all it's guns have also been increased. This puts the American TD straight at the top of the "TD's to play at tier 3" list, so expect an incoming nerf there.

And my most significant gripe is this; nowhere in the patch notes does it mention anything about replays and battle chat. I reported a somewhat serious security issue well over a month ago, and to this date I have not had any updates, not even a "thank you we'll check it out". So it seems that Wargaming has decided that their game client potentially leaking copious amounts of information you'd rather keep private is just fine with them.

This is why I no longer play WoT, and this is why I'm forced to seriously consider the future of the site - after all, why run a fansite for a game you no longer play? So far I've kept it up so as not to disappoint any of the users (that means you guys/gals), because it's not your fault Wargaming is incompetent. However, I'm now facing the choice of shelling out $45 monthly to pay the server bill so I can run a site for a game I don't play. I'd much rather spend that $45 on games I do play, if you catch my drift.