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Thread: Comparing old to more recent stats.

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    Comparing old to more recent stats.

    Is there a way to isolate and compare one block of battles (i.e. 50-100) and compare to (150-200) in a specific tank. I'm trying to compare gun choice and the effectiveness of the choice.
    If I check progress I can see blocks of data - 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, 60 days etc... The data is too meta, not granular enough to compare an old block of battles to my latest block of battles. Is there a way to yank that data that was uploaded? I could then slice and dice in excel.

    Follow on question:
    Are average stats, like damage per kill calculated as an average from battle 1 to most recent battle? Or is there a moving window from which the average is calculated?
    If I click on tank specific or general charts I can see "all time" and "30 days". But I'm pretty sure the 30 day charts are just a magnified view of the overall charts. Is that true as well?

    Just wanting to know what I'm seeing.
    Thanks much - the current data is certainly valuable. And much appreciated.

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    That is not possible, sorry. The data is there, but the efforts needed to make such an feature are over my time limit.

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