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Thread: WN8 drop after v26 realased

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    WN8 drop after v26 realased

    one question:
    why WN8 drop by 8 points after v26 expected value realased? If v26 add only new tanks (Mutz, Patton KR, T44, isu 130) and I have better WN8 on Mutz than my average why WN8 goes down???
    Did the some other tanks also werw change?

    It will be nice to hear explanation

    thx in advance

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    Mutz had only average values previously.

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    Ok, thx, for answer. So thats mean Mutz was counted earlier by average rating? not for 0? hmmm...still 8 points (1744 - 1736) is too much compare 24k battles overall to 49 on Mutz with 1765 avg.


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