A fellow European Community contributor, Mistercro (which I have to thank, he was the one that sent this, including screenshots) received a replay from a player who uses aimbot mod and made a YouTube video:
I downloaded and watched the replay as well, not to discredit Mistercro but to give a second evaluation and I’m 100% in agreement with him, the player is indeed using an aimbot mod.
*Edit* Note: Locked aiming from WoT doesn’t move around searching for best weakspots like it does here, it stays locked in the center of the target.
Battle Results:
The community has the misconception that aimbot mods are useless (even I believed so) but the reality is that the player made nearly 8k Damage. And yes, perhaps he could have done same damage if he*wasn’t*a lazy git and actually aimed but don’t forget that these mods auto-aim at crucial weakspots of the opponent vehicles, driving around and press click is the only brain usage he is doing.

A player wrote a ticket to EU support team over this replay, the answer he got was expected but doesn’t stop being alarming:

(…) this player is using autoaim improved/autoaim+, this mod is capable of aiming this way. (…) Even though this mod can help with aiming, it is not considered a cheat or a illegal mod.
Of course there are other offices that have a list of illegal mods/cheats but in an entire life as a gamer, this is the only company that I have recollection of letting shit like this to fly by.
This*is actually creating other problems, the fact that Wargaming EU does absolutely nothing to police these (and although there is no way to 100% control it, some care is still better than nothing), random players started harassing*and reporting the good players who actually do an effort by accusing them of being cheaters. And yes, these accusations are happening on every server, but I receive feedback and have as much NA as EU readers/viewers and the amount of players*affected belong*largely to*EU server.
Wargaming EU, please.