recently in Russia, to celebrate the “Victory Day“, Wargaming sponsored a World of Tanks tournament,* “Portraits of Victory”, at a*Olympic Stadium which*marked the culmination of a lifelong fascination with both history and technology for the game’s company CEO, Victor Kislyi.
He started two decades ago together with his brother on their apartment in Minsk*which*culminated to a present*150 million global users.
Bloomberg Billionaires Index. has*valued the business*at $1.5 billion and given the 39-year-old a net worth of $1 billion. Victor declined to comment the valuation stating that he lives a “very modest” and*and has never tried to put a number on his fortune.
Kislyi controls 64 percent of the Cyprus-based business in his name and through a*25.5 percent stake held by his father,*according to Wargaming’s 2013 semi-annual financial report. The business has 4,000 employees on four continents and revenue of $590 million in 2015, according to data compiled by Bloomberg and estimates by analysts.

Even*Oleg Shpilchevsky,*head of the games business unit at Moscow-based Mail.Ru Group, the RU*publisher*of Armored Warfare recognizes his success by saying:
“World of Tanks has created its own subculture and that’s the most important thing”
World of Tanks is the biggest online multiplayer game where players operate a warcraft instead of characters and*the growth prospects for the business remain strong. Global revenue from free games advanced 6 percent last year to $16.5 billion, accounting for almost a third of the entire digital games market, and may reach $18 billion in 2017, according to SuperData Research.
Besides E-sports, Wargaming is investing in European startups to develop its own live-streaming service and pushing into the U.S., where it bought Chicago-based Day 1 Studios for $20 million in 2013 to adapt World of Tanks to Xbox and PS4.
We must become a conveyor belt for the production of quality games,” *“We are the company that explores big markets. If there are a billion*microwave ovens with joysticks and it is possible to play games on them, we will develop the software for them.” -V. K.
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