I've decided to stop playing WoT for the time being. There is no joy left in it anymore, and I'd rather fire up BF:BC2, at least that still gives me a laugh. Don't worry, the site will be open for business as usual, except I won't be adding more features for the forseeable future. You can thank WG for that.

Wargaming.net - where's the fix for the security issue I made you aware of weeks ago?

Nothing's been heard about this, and I think that Wargaming.net is quietly shoveling this under the carpet. As usual for them, they'd rather take the quick and easy way out and ignore the problem. Which from a professional standpoint makes me want to slap each and every last one developer in that company. Right across the head with a lead pipe in fact.

Considering that WG is as unresponsive as ever, I no longer see the need to be "responsible" and "nice", so for those of you who have been following my replay format series, remember every time I talked about the Blowfish encryption key?

There it is. I'm tired of having to play nice to a company that ignores everyone anyway, so consider this my way of saying: Screw you, Wargaming, you bunch of rancid two-bit amateurs.