The Tank Museum and*the*Polish manufacturer Cobi have teamed up and created a*500 piece kit Tiger 131.*The model is already being sold and part of the*revenue will be used to support the continued preservation of*the only running*Tiger 131 which resides in Bovington.
More info here:*http://www.tankmuseum.org/year-news/bovnews53565
The museum has mailed Jingles and I a model and I built it all during my past livestreams, took some photos:
I always appreciated watching model building but never had done it myself, this was my first one and I’m hooked to it already (currently building a Bandai AT-ST)!

  • 28,5 cm Length
  • 9,5 cm Height
  • Rotating turret
  • Gun elevation/depression
  • Machine Gun*elevation/depression
  • Rotating wheels/tracks
  • 4 hatches that can be open
  • Tool box (Tools Included)
  • 2 Crew Members

This model is aimed for both younger and older generations and it was fairly easy to build although I highly advice the*adults*to pre-build some of the smaller pieces like the machine gun and the tiny bits near the exhaust for their kids.
Overall it looks perfect under what you can build with lego-type pieces but I still wish there was a way to attach the tool box to the tank, my favourite part is definitely the gun depression/elevation capability, wasn’t expecting it.