Source: http://yuripasholok.livejournal.com/5994632.html

Yuri Pasholok, World of Tanks lead historical advisor recently visited the armor museum in Latrun, Israel and made an interesting comment about the situation. According to him, the Israeli branch is possible to make – however, the effort was almost destroyed by WG EU’s Richard Cutland:
“Thanks to the activities of this *******, we had to work as regular tourists(*). This is not the first time it happened. Oh well – the Israeli branch can be built, especially thanks to the fact that the Merkava prototype needed for it is not standing in Latrun anyway.”
In the comments, Yuri Pasholok added that Cutland damaged*relations with museums in Saumur, Bovington and attempted to f* up Arsenalen as well.

(*) Regular tourists don’t get access all areas and vehicles. Wargaming tries to keep good terms with museums (by advertising, giving donations, etc) so staff*like Yuri P. are able to get extra access to the vehicles and gather as much data as possible to optimize the game models and even create new tech tress.