What's your opinion on the newly-released 0.8.8 for World of Tanks? Online numbers, CCUs and such stuff across all regions, were a good indicator that the update was well received, however the devil is in details. What you liked and what you didn't?

  • New mission interface in garage
  • New statistics tabs
  • National voiceovers
  • Tundra map
  • Redesigned Komarin, Swamp, and Serene Coast
  • New Soviet medium tanks
  • New German tanks and rebalanced VK30.01 and VK36.01
  • New Chinese tanks (anyone?)

Anything else?

PS: I'm in Japan now, expect some interesting pictures.
PPS: Rolling out 0.5.3 for World of Warplanes for RU/CIS region. EU and NA to come.