It's been a while so here's a little summary of updates that have taken place over the past week or two:

  • Platoons are now shown in the team listing. A fair bit of spelunking lead to the discovery of how to figure out who is platooned with who. It is, however, possible to see platoons consisting of a single person, which is at once very odd and somehow reminds me of platoon leader entering battle without everyone being ready.
  • The team rows now show a temporary mouse-over effect that lists the tank, and the equipped modules such as turret, tracks, gun and radio. This is somewhat of a placeholder until I figure out where I should put this information in a bit easier to digest form.

There seem to be a few questions regarding replays without statistics; these replays are what's called "incomplete". An incomplete replay happens when you leave a match to go back to the garage before you've seen the match result. WG for some reason decided not to save the match result data in the replay in that case, so there are no statistics for me to pull out. Considering that I don't want to disallow the uploading of incomplete replays, I'll be working on something that makes it clear that there are no statistics, or rather, the statistics I can get are there and a big message will state that the replay was incomplete.

For the curiously minded under you, the things I'm working on now, and things that will come in the future:

  • On the short term, most likely the ability to show equipped things like gun laying drives, as well as crew skills and consumables
  • A site redesign - the site as it is right now was designed when I didn't have half the data I have now, so finding a "good" spot to put it all is difficult due to the way I put the design together. Since I'm not a graphics designer, this might take a while.
  • Finding a decent dedicated server instead of the VPS I use. The VPS is actually quite large, and the cost of it is getting to the point where a few dollars more will get me a physical dedicated server with plenty of RAM and enough disk space to archive every replay known to man - which, to me, sounds like an excellent idea. However, this might take a while to arrange.