This is the official listing of the 9.15 Supertest list of changes compared to the current 9.14 patch. I translated and added some extra bits(links and screenshots which explain in more detail than the poorly done version from the RU development page:
Main changes

  • Updated display technology parameters in the hangar:

-Ability to preview the non purchased vehicles in 3D (You can do it by opening the Tech Trees)
-Vehicle stats will be divided into 5 groups just like WoWS (Apparently there will be “cloaked” info as well which will appear if you pass mouse over):
-More Statistics were added (Example: Camouflage)
– Tank statistics will be automatically updated when the player changes Modules or equips Consumables and Equipment.
-When installing/changing Modules/Equipment/Consumables an “Info Tip” page will be shown which will tell how it will affect the vehicle statistically.

  • PvE-Basic training:

-The team rooster has been changed to 15 vs 15.
-To reduce the waiting time in the queue, the option to enter as a single player has been added.
-Added a spawn point on upper base.
-Behaviour of the bots has been changed/upgraded on the Mittengard and Mines maps.

  • Capture indicator changed (besides time left the number of players capping has also been added)
  • In-game by clicking -TAB- in chat it will change to All/Platoon/Allies, in 9.15 there will be an option which will be “on” by default and that*will save your “chat zone” preference for the rest of the gaming session.
  • Added notification to when a battle is nearly over.
  • Improved physics
  • Garage Carousel reworked
  • Added sounds for when Camo and Binocs become activated,
  • In Settings, implemented*the ability to select the type of speaker system (2.0 or 2.1) in the settings menu. See also.
  • A XP bonus will be given to platoons depending which tier they are.
  • New Aim reticle
  • Zoom level options: x16, x25.
  • The Ammo display in battles has been revamped.
  • Added option*to show promotions (Bundles, discounts, etc) in garage right after log-in.
  • Ping values and server status added to Launcher and Garage:


-Its extensive so it’s coming on next post-

Technical changes

  • Reworked some personal combat missions.
  • Optimized the pop-up*interface with lists and tips.
  • The framework of the internal browser WoT Awesomium replaced by Chromium Embedded Framework.
  • Completed transition to CoreEngine 3.0:

-Performance at medium and standard graphic settings have been improved.
-Special effects have been revised, Smoke and Explosions look more harmoniously.
-Ability to use modern Graphics API (DX11), it is recommended to update the video card drivers.

– “Mines” and “Mittengard” have been improved (PVE).
New WoT Logo: