Updated and gathered the latest info on the Object 268 Version 5 as well for you:
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A turreted TD designed on the base of the T-10 (Obj. 730/IS-8) in the first half of the 50’s.
Most of the ammunition*was stowed*in the rear of the turret*to improve the working conditions of the crew.
Due to the need to make substantial and costly modifications to the base hull, the project was suspended in the design phase.

Tier: 10
Hitpoints: 1900
Engine: 750
Weight: 50 tonn
Power-to-weight: 15
Maximum speed: 48/15
Hull traverse: 20
Turret traverse: 18
Terrain resistance: 1.8/2/2.6
Viewrange: 360
Radio range: 720
Hull armor: 120/90/40
Turret armor: 230/90/60
Gun: 152 mm M-53
Damage: 750/750/1100
Penetration: 303/395/90
DPM: 2295
ROF: 3.06
Reload: 19.6
Accuracy: 0.36
Aim Time: 3
Depression: -5/+15
Crew: 5 (Commander, Driver, Gunner, 2x Loaders)
Armor and Model: