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Thread: disappearing statistics from profile

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    disappearing statistics from profile

    Why are my stats disappearing
    Originally all stats were showing where they should be.
    And gradually they started to disappear,
    The short term stats never did display, which I didn't really care about.
    But after a month (best guess). the 7 day column stats disappeared.
    Then the 30 day column a few weeks later
    Now the 60 day column,leaving only the 90 day stat column
    Seems like I have to reinstall the ATS and BRR every time I log into Vbaddict to check progress
    Even my sig image has disappeared with the exception of 90 day stats
    It also appears that this isn't updating either.
    Any help is appreciated

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    Actually, cannot confirm such a behaviour, as it is not implement to just delete 7 days stats. Also, ADU/BRR/ATS are complete out of this, as they just provide statistics, they are not deleting any thing.


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