the*WoTExpress Russian comrades gathered a very nice list of maps who were planned but ended up being cancelled and maps who are still being worked on, it starts by time order:
“Mexico” or “Texas”

-First seen in 2011.
“Arizona” or “South American”

-First seen in 2011.

-First seen in 2012 and planned for 0.7.3 patch.
-Cancelled for being too open/without cover.

-First seen in 2013 and planned for 0.8.9 patch.
-Only minimap ever appeared.

“Inca Road” or “The Way of the Inca”

-First seen in 2014.
-It was quickly cancelled but remained in SuperTest for vehicle testing purposes.

“Great Ensk”

-First seen in 2014.
-2×2 km Map expanded version of Ensk, made to test PVE elements.
-Never planned to make into the game.


-First seen in late 2015.
-Fate unknown.
Contest winner

-The map belongs to WG but the idea was from a player who won a map making contest.
-1200×1200 m


-Information on this map first appeared in a Q&A.
-No screenshots available.
“Minsk map wont come anytime soon, needs further work and internal testing. Wont come in 2015 or 2016 to be precise. We still need aerial photography”- Roman Tabolin

-Information about this map first appeared in October 2015, a developer asked*on his instagram what were players opinion on having a Moscow landscape in WoT and that company “could very well surprise us”. The instagram post was deleted soon after, most likely the dev was drunk at the time and is a fake.

-Seen on 2015’s summer.-Quickly forgotten, fate unknown.
-Uncanny familiarity with Himmesdorlf. See.

“Studzianka” (Poland)*

-First seen and planned in/for 2015.
-It was received many variations, latter being just less than a week old.
-Planned for 2016.


-Leaked on March 2016.
-No Information was given, we could perhaps contemplate seeing it this or next year.
Most Recent


  • A map usually takes half a year to make.
  • Only one new map is planned to appear in the game this year.