Ctacello and I just translated a Q&A for you, this came from various sources:

Answers from Phadal and stream _AkTep:
-WG is not only seeking to fight illegal mods by building a system but also Bots.
-With the addition of dx11 the game’s perfomance increased by 30% in 9.15.
-”I’m not aware on changes being made/planned on the team damage compensation.”
-Forget about WoT 2.0 and stop making guesses, everything has its time”
-Dev team is thinking about hiding players stats in-game but there are no details, soon enough there will.
-Adding moving trains and cars wont happen because it would eat too much PC resources. (RG: That explains why we have flying planes in 2 maps)
The second season of Personal missions wont come anytime soon, they are not even in the plans at the moment.
-Its possible to add a restriction of how many Premium shells players can carry in the Global Rebalance but there is a high uncertainty that it would ever happen.

Storm Answers:
-WG has no plans to rebalance the IS-6 after the idiotic buff it received in HD.
-Storm also confirmed*the T-54 light nerf cancelling
-When will 9.15 be released? -When everything is ready.
-Storm confirmed that the WT E-100 crew will be retrained without perk resets.
-Player asks for the possibility to choose between retraining or receiving compensation on the crew perks of the WT E-100. Storm says that such thing never happened before and it wont now.
-Camo will also be passed over to the Grille15.
-Why you nerfed the STA-2 dpm? -Because we buffed other characteristics.

  • On the Zoom-in mode: The Dev team is discussing the possibility to make the game only x16 and x25 so that every player enjoys the game as much as possible.

-Storm confirms that there will be no compensation for the 112 price reduce.
-There will be no penalty or bonus for those who platoon in the middle of a battle. (RG: But if they continue together into more battles the reward/penalty will be given.
-Storm says he has interesting information to give and that will come out next week.