Silentstalker's foreword: I was wondering for a while, whether to publish it, but in the end, it is an issue that concerns the whole EU community. I am not the author of the following text - a friend of mine, Carramba66 is. He asked me, if he could publish this on my blog and I accepted. Now, we all know, that the moderators of the EU server aren't "the best and brightest", so to say. Most of them are okay, but there are some serious douchebags, who abuse their position. Please note that a report has been filed to Mr_Kubrick (chief of moderators) along with this article. I however am not filing it, I serve here only as a midleman. Well, here goes:

More problems in Czech community: the "historical battles" author is leaving
by Carramba66

Most of the World of Tanks players, who visit the official forums, still has the "Czechout affair" in their live memory - an affair that influenced the entire Czech community. It's been only a few weeks and the third biggest European community is again stirring with problems.

During the late summer months of the last year, a group of players, led by Carramba66 came with the concept of "historical battles", played on training maps (Silentstalker's note: the same thing that has been going for a while in the English section, quite successfuly I might add). The concept is not new, the Spanish or Polish community is running their historical battles for quite some time now. It was new for the Czech community however and so the historical battles quickly became the most successful Czech unofficial community event. Czech and Slovak players could fight in Ardennes, thru the Kasserine Pass, in Prokhorovka or in Korea, that's why the events gained many fans and even the Czech Wargaming community organizers took part.
Thus it is a surprise to many that the Historical battles project is leaving the Czechoslovak official forum section to protest the behavior of one of the moderators.

Jeykey, the oldest Czech moderator, has been negatively mentioned in the past already by the former Czech community organizer Czechout, Jeykey's reputation in Czech community is highly controversial and according to some informal messages from Wargaming, he is under internal observation for quite some time. Some time ago, the conflicts with Jeykey became so bad the moderator leader, Mr_Kubrick had to intervene and Jeykey was reprehended for his behavior.

On the other hand, Jeykey is known for his extremely good relationship with the EHW clan. He's running companies and platoons with them, even some tournaments. That's why when the author of this text had a small clash with the members of this clan on the forums, he knew he was in trouble.

The author of this text wasn't surprised for the fact he was banned from the game for forum behavior (from what he heard, Jeykey was especially active when lobbying for strict punishment). What IS surprising is that the punishment came days after the alleged altercation, but - conveniently - minutes before the next "historical battle" was to take place, which created an organizational chaos. It needs not to be emphasized that it created a huge mess in the historical battles organization for the players and organizers both and the chaos lasted for a few days.Was this intentional? A slap on the wrist for "messing with moderator's friends"? No doubt.

That however wasn't the end of it. The whole thing blew over - or so it seemed. However, surprisingly enough, the EHW clan organized a forum action against the organizers of the Historical battles, probably as a revenge for the petty harm they percieved was done to their reputation. They spent several days stalking the profile of the author of this text and putting negative reputation to every his post, including the Historical battles organizational posts (Silentstalker's note: this behavior is not uncommon in Czech community, happened to me too, not that some random internet number matters.).
The most disgusting moment came when a member of the Czech community, who recently passed, had a tribute video made by the author of this text. Not even the memory of a deceased man stopped the revenge of the EHW clan, who negrepped the tribute video heavily.

The author of this text then called upon Jeykey (as a moderator) to make his friends stop this behavior. He refused. That was the last straw and the historical battles moved to the unofficial community forum away from the portal.

The question is, how many more community events will have to leave before the Czech community is cleansed from an incompetent moderator, who abuses his position.
SS: Well, that's it. Even though personally, I don't really understand the emphasis of some people on the forum reputation number, the issue of bad moderators is a known one. Jeykey is certainly not the only moderator with questionable actions.