So far the parser has been redone to accommodate the things I need it to do. Amongst this is the ability to actually stream the data packets out of a replay, because hey, it’s cool shit!
There are a few sites that do this already, and I figured heck, why not try it as well?
The main inspiration came from the tool found at – but that’s a C++ standalone thing and I needed it to be a tad bit more efficient than calling external programs to do the heavy lifting.
A good read of that code, some hex viewing of replay files and a lot of “why the fuck is this off by one byte” moments, it now works. The parser has gotten a bit more low-level in the sense it no longer bothers to actually interpret any data, it just passes it off to whatever application uses it to do with as it sees fit.
So has gotten updated for the first time in a few months. Woo!