Rumour has it that Wargaming will be allowing people to hide their statistics from view; while some may applaud this move, I think it’s an incredibly stupid idea. Not only will it stop mods like XVM from working, it will stop stat tracking sites as well; no more WNx calculations, no more anything except what WG will decide to give out. Most likely? Their personal player rating. That will probably be public, and the rest of the statistics can be hidden.
So the gripe here is that Wargaming has always had this mentality that you can’t tell the “bad players” they’re bad at tanks. It scares them off, and then they don’t want to play anymore. And it seems that bad@tanks players are the exact types that keep buying all them golds so they can omgz! pay2win! (Even if WG said it’s free2win, rolling an M4 derp on HEAT shells when you don’t have a premium account isn’t going to be profitable, at all, in any way, no matter what).
Overall it is just one more of those things that makes me facepalm to a massive extent, but somewhere in that dank place I call my brain, something else happened. A little tinfoil hattery thought came up; Wargaming has, over the last year or so, made several moves and announcements like this, that seem to be aimed at cutting out any 3rd party site. You have to admit that places like noobmeter, wotlabs, vbaddict, and even xvm will probably not work so well anymore after this. It’s similar to their announcement that they were going to host all replays on their servers; which came, and then very quietly went, never to be talked about again.
Did you know that it was most likely that statement that caused many a replay hosting site to fold it up after something happened? In my case it was HDD failures, a lack of time to fix it up, and that WG announcement still being somewhat clear in my mind. (Along the lines of, why bother when WG will do it, and probably implement it in such a way that you can’t upload a replay file to a 3rd party site anymore).
Ironically enough, sometimes I think I caused that announcement. Yes, my ego is the size of a small planet, but check this out…
Back in the day after the 2nd opening of the site (yes…) I figured you know, it’d be so cool to be able to offer things like tournament views. I was already messing around with event replays (e.g. chase the WG tank and kill it type stuff), and I wanted to do something for tournaments. A page where each round was listed, with replays from all viewpoints, stats extracted, the whole shebang. So I started attempting to get a hold of the eSports coordinators for the various servers. That in itself is almost deserving of it’s own blog post because it was difficult to get a hold of someone, even more difficult to get them to respond. But someone from NA did respond. We tossed a bunch of ideas back and forth, and then it went quiet on the Eastern Western front.
2 weeks later: announcement from WG about how they were going to host all their own replays.
You could say I’m paranoid, and maybe I am, but that’s just a little too coincidental for my taste. The announcement itself was vague, no details, and when WG was asked about it, the explanation was about as vague and coherent as something you’d get off an MBA who has this idea to build the next Twitter. Buzzword heavy, but clearly not even having entered any sort of design phase.
So you may wonder, why do I run the site again? Well, because fuck you, WG, that’s why. Well mostly. 25% just because I want to store my own replays, 50% because people like having the site around, and 25% fuck you WG. The “fuck you” bit mainly being that I’m intent to keep hosting, parsing, and processing replays even if they get their own system in place. If they botch it and it turns into a ‘no more replay files for you’ type deal, someone, somewhere, will find a way to do it anyway. It might be me.
Anyway enough griping…