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Thread: For the Record: Winrate affects your position in team

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    For the Record: Winrate affects your position in team

    Source: Well, this is interesting… From Russian forums (a developer answer): OrehMan: Well, you just confirmed it: if the player plays well – he gets to play on the bottom of the team, and if he’s a noob – he gets thrown on the top! Inimigo (developer): “It doesn’t depend on general winrate, but on actual win series, player is less lucky – he gets put on the top of the team more often. If you pwn on top of the team without problems – try a more difficult task” (SS: in the sense that “we’ll make it more difficult for you”). That certainly explains a lot. I am a bit skeptical about the answer (“lesser” developers have been known to not understand the inner MM workings), but still.


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