It seems to be a recurring theme that is owned and operated by WarGaming; here’s a news flash for all you lovely people: it’s not. Last time I bothered checking, it’s on a .com domain, and they just happen to have jacked WarGaming’s (old) design of the portal.
Why do I mention this? Because frankly I’m tired of dealing with that “factoid” that gets thrown around a lot. It only supports EU acounts, doesn’t show half the info any other replay hosting site shows, and only manages to have a passable clone of the in-game UI to show the stats on. Okay, granted, that’s kind of cool.
But really people, if all it takes for you to be all “oh yeah WG owns it” just because the design is the same, you need to return your computing device to the store and ask for a refund, because you’re just asking to be scammed to death. On that note I can reliably report that BoA has seen fit to open a WoT themed internet banking site at, and any transactions you process through there will get you some free WoT gold and credits. Sounds good right?!
P.S. Want proof, how about: that?