So after at least shoring up things so they won’t keel over right away, it’s time to move on to what I had planned to do way back before the holy ghost of HDD failure came to visit. In development posts will usually list the things I’m planning on doing, or talk about how I’m doing them, but are by no means a guarantee that something will actually make it to the site to begin with.
Currently in the pipeline, not in any specific order are a few things that may take a while.
First, there’s a redesign coming. At least, I’m switching away from a bunch of CSS that’s as old and cantankerous as I am, and moving to Bootstrap, mainly just because it’s much easier to pixel-fuck the layout into the way I want it to be. And it’s got fluid layouts. And it’s responsive. And it tends to look good. And themes. And… well. Yeah, bsaically, just making it easier to mess with the site layout.
Next, the way a lot of the site works on the back end is going to get a change, right now for most operations an entire page is rendered, and often it fetches one or more entire replays to do it. This is a “slow” process, since the replay documents are quite large, and the additional processing that takes place on them from time to time takes it’s toll as well due to the vagaries of how I originally designed the site. So I’ll be moving a lot of stuff to Backbone; this means less page loading, more AJAX, and a potentially easier way to manage things because I can set up a nice JSON only backend API that can be incredibly picky about how it fetches data – and that way, I can make use of some more MongoDB features (such as making sure some queries that select specific fields have an index for those fields, so the data can come right out of memory instead of disk).
Given the above, the battle viewer will also be converted to make use of it.
Somewhere down on the list is also the addition of WN7 (or maybe WN8 by the time it’s available) to the replays; meaning that on the front and browse pages replays will be color-coded, and team lists will show WN7 for everyone. I used to have this as a feature that you could either enable or disable for replays you uploaded, and you could disable seeing it altogether but this time I’m keeping it enabled – the reason for it is that I’m not responsible for someone else being an asshat and calling into question your (or anyone elses’) WN7 rating.
So that’s about it on that front…