Author: AutoChenille
Hello everyone,
check this out. AutoChenille (EU forums) sent a couple of photos of the restored Batchat at Saumur. His comment:
As you can see, the BatChat is now displayed next to its “tech tree”, with the tiny but cute ELC AMX, and the fearsome AMX 13. This shows that the Saumur museum (which is still owned by the French Army !) The Museum has a quite small budget (a huge part of which goes into keeping that Tiger 2, pride of the museum, running), and choosing this particular tank is an important decision, as many other tanks with more historical importance are still rusting in the museum’s yard. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to put an original engine back on the BatMobile ; and the Museum refuses to put modern engines inside old tanks (their goal is to preserve history they say).
What a difference a couple of years make!