- the German LT branch will merge into the medium Leopard-1 one (RU251 - T9 Leo prototype)
- it's pointless to ask if T110E5 statistics are "historical", since that tank existend only on paper
- regarding the Chinese tanks' characteristics, all the data came from the Chinese partners, they come from the development documents on those tanks
- artillery vehicles were unarmored even in real life, the weight of the gun forced the developers to remove armor because of the weight
- there won't be a special voice command that the loader would say when the gun is loaded, SerB thinks the breech clanking is enough
- SerB on capturing bases: capture points are accumulated on each tank in the base circle separately, 1 point per second (maximum 3 per second in total, eg. 3 tanks) - if there are 4 tanks in the circle, only 3/4 "collect" capture points, if 5 then 3/5 etc.
- devs prefer open maps, because they load the server and client less, but city maps (such as "Ruinberg") are also in development (SS: I heard a rumor 8.5 will bring 2 maps - one winter city map (possibly Stalingrad) รก la Himmelsdorf, one an open "Mexico" map)
- no player-designed maps option in forseeable future
- it's possible the devs will introduce a hangar option that you will be able to see the effective armor thickness on various places of your tank, but not soon
- no customizable decals/inscriptions on tanks
- Q: "Why can't we change the colors of the tanks the way you can change the color of the planes in WoWp?" A: "So we don't have pink tanks"
- SerB personally can affect events, resp. tanks sold during them, for example he specifically was against further sale of Type 59
- the VK3002DB top engine might be unlocked for the tank following after it, "tests will show"

Japanese time:

Q: There is talk on European forum about 20t STA LT variant. To be honest, it feels like an attempt to bring a LT8 out of thin air, but I'll ask: do you have info on anything like that?
A: LT based on STA is not planned. We have no info on 20ton version.

Q: The same goes for Chi-Ru medium tank. Also a fake? (earlier this name was attributed to a twin-barreled TD)
A: We don't have any reliable sources on Chi-Ru. Maybe it's a fake, maybe there was such a project.

Q: How did the Chi-To prototype differ from the planned mass-produced version? Which version will be introduced?
A: Most likely it differend by having a cast turret - such turrets were developed for Chi-To, Chi-Nu and Chi-Ri, but the work was not finished.

Q: What kind of premium Japanese tank will there be in advance before the whole Japanese branch, if any?
A: Won't tell for now. The branch is still worked on, so the tanks can be shifted here and there.

Q: If the upper limit of the O-I weight is 140t, what is the lower limit? Do you believe there was a significantly smaller 100t or less version?
A: We don't have any data on O-I variants lighter than 100 tons.

Q: Do these naval SPG's (one, two) count as TD's in the game?
A: Most likely yes, TD's.

- it's not planned to allow removing the tracks from Christie tanks (SS: for those who don't know, Christie suspension allowed the tank to drive on the roads without tracks)