The grand idea of bootstrapping the site really went nowhere, it’s a nice enough CSS framework, but it’s main use is in pages that don’t rely on a lot of custom formatting or funky tricks. For example the front page of the site just wasn’t going to come together the way it would, having the CSS for the vehicle-on-top-of-map worked, but then along with the typography that Bootstrap enforces it just came out looking butt-ass ugly.
Now that could be changed around some to look different, but then you run into issues where if you use the built in grid system you can never be sure exactly how wide a column is, which is a bit of a pain if you need exact measurements because your images are a fixed size; and unlike most business websites where images are tailored to fit the CSS and the page design, wt-replays’ design is more a matter of attempting to fit a design around the data and images.
So that won’t be happening; I will however be cleaning up the CSS, one thing I did find is Sass which lets me write pseudo-css with a lot of funky features added to it which then compiles to regular CSS. That should at the very least get rid of some of the overly specific CSS that’s in place.