Hello everyone,
so, you think the Germans in World of Tanks are finished? No more line candidates, right? No more regular high-tiers possible?
Think again.
Check this out. This is a German proposal for a Leopard 1-based Jagdpanzer. No, it’s not a fake, this was actually seriously considered. Very light armor, low silhouette, high mobility, apparently a L7 gun. Ideal tier 9. Why tier 9? No armor of course.

As far as I remember, some detailed data is available. But… no line can be complete without a suitable tier 10 and that’s still missing. Or, is it?

This is a “Heavy Tank Destroyer” proposal based on the Leopard 2 chassis, as considered by the Bundeswehr. This illustration was published by the Soldat und Technik magazine in 1969, which means the project is probably somewhat older. More information exists, I just gotta ask the person who found this picture. The concept is roughly similar to the Swedish Strv 103, otherwise known as the S-Tank. The gun is unclear, but let’s say it’s an autoloaded L7 as well. There is no indication that this vehicle would use composite armor, making it – once again – viable for World of Tanks.
But there’s one part that might cause trouble – check out the picture carefully, especially the suspension. That’s right, this vehicle uses the same suspension principle as the S-Tank, using hydraulics to elevate, depress and aim the gun, which by itself has no real traverse. But… is it really a problem? Well, no. As you probably already know, Wargaming is working on two lines for the Swedish branch – a line that ends with the Krv HT and a line that ends with the S Tank. After all, the S Tank is too iconic to pass up!
So, the game mechanism is being developed as well. Could be a nice interesting little mini-line, no?