And this would be courtesy of something insanely cool; someone (and I’m not going to name names yet, not until it’s actually become reality, to prevent people harassing this generous person, and to prevent any foot-in-mouth moments) has – in a most excellent gesture – made a server available on which this idea can be worked out. It may not be a super duper high-quality everything-and-the-kitchen-sink enabled type thing, but it should suffice to make (at least) 720p videos in decent quality.
So what’s the holdup, then? Well, first I need to build a prototype, or a proof of concept, as it were. Once that is up and running and works reliably, then it’ll be something that will become available to the public at large. Of course you may wonder what the catch is, except there’s no real catch. The way it will work (when and if it’s all up and running) is as follows:

  • Everyone that has uploaded a replay manually (e.g. not via any Dropbox API that might be implemented, or via the cooperation between Phalynx/ and myself) will get one replay conversion per week for free. That means that you have to select one and go clicky on the appropriate button.
  • You will be able to use Paypal to purchase conversion credits; each replay conversion will use up one credit. The rate between dollars and credits is something that’s still being looked at, but will be priced “at cost” to account for the used CPU time and network bandwidth; after all, we’re not talking about a little bit of either here.
  • Replays will be recorded on a “stock” client, this means no mods installed, default settings, and graphics tuned to fit the video card present in the server. This may mean 1440×900 @ medium quality across the board; of course you can solve that issue by donating so a bigger/better/more-badass graphics card can be purchased.
  • It will only work on replays made using the current version of World of Tanks that’s deployed to the live servers.
  • It may take several hours for a conversion to complete; longer if everyone and their dog is converting replays.

Suffice to say that a lot of this is still hypothetical, but it’s a lot less hypothetical than it was yesterday.