I just been ignoring the “Wargaming Wednesday” videos but yesterday they uploaded a mini review on the Tortoise which is*my current favourite vehicle in World of Tanks and couldn’t resist clicking on it. And oh dear…this is the perfect example of what happens when they put a guy reviewing a vehicle he does*not*know how to play.

Actually, what was even the point of making this video? Doesn’t NA already have a*far more qualified person (The_Chieftain) for these type of things?
Shouldn’t a director of community be focused in more pertinent matters like oh, dunno!*The fact that the NA server numbers have been creeping down*to nearly*SEA server numbers and that players must be brought back?
Seriously, look at the server graphs from the last 24 hours, I added other servers as well for you to have an idea:
-Taken from*www.vbaddict.net
I know NA always struggled with players but 25000 (give*or take) players at a peak and counting both servers? That’s nearly twice as low as the EU2 server alone. And to put it in other perspective:

  • Yesterday’s Peak of lowest populated NA server: 6300
  • Yesterday’s Peak of lowest populated EU server: 48300

And honestly, couldn’t end this without answering to some bits of the video:
“Its slow moving”
– Still faster than your tier 9 N. American.
“Got magnetic armour that attracts artillery”
– Maybe don’t drive it out in the open like an idiot?
“A really fast gun that can do a lot of DPM…”
–*Hey you got one right!
“…but struggles with penetration.”
– Seriously?
“This armour is a little squishy.”
– *chuckles* Please, just stop. Again, stop giving yourself so easily*to the enemy and hide your main weak-spots.
“The Tortoise is the end of this design idea and in my opinion, it couldn’t happen fast enough”
– This video, in my opinion, couldn’t have ended fast enough either.

And lets not forget who paid for the trip and most likely a camera man too, a really nice investment Wargaming.