Storm came back to the living and gave a Q&A:
-Players are asking why Storm has been so quiet and not gathering feedback, he responds that we will be around but not now.
-Will you add an automated system that allows us to restore things like Premium Tanks instead of asking support?
-The information I have is: No.

-Why not bring to the RU cluster the ability to restore mistakenly sold Premium Tanks and why are players and especially bloggers being forgiven for using illegal mods?
-I cant answer. first I don’t have any information on it and second I don’t have the right to answer.

-Player asks why WG decided to release a raw patch ( with a lot of bugs instead of running a Test Server first.
-”Because a large number of changes work better if done by parts. By working by parts we are able to deal with more emerging issues”

-Player complains that Storm treats players like cattle and the fact that in EU and NA people have more benefits (Discounts and prizes/contests, etc) and that they are “dignified, intelligent and educated” while in the RU server everyone is or “timelessly drunk or schoolboys or any other kind of loser” and that only 2% of players in RU are good.
-Storm: “Bye Bye, go write a complaint to the UN and the League of Nations.

-Storm says that he never got fired from WG and that everything is alright between him and the company.

-Sandbox is closed and so its the participation to discuss it.
-We need more time to prepare the next Sandbox however there is a schedule/deadline, we will publish it on the website so don’t miss it.

-”We are almost ready with a new Sandbox document but we need to present it to multiple regions at the same time”

-What’s in the latest update for it to weight 4.2 mb?
-Something changed… something set up. As mentioned earlier the work goes on but at the moment its hidden to the players.

-We are currently working on a new version of rebalancing and it will be better than the previous.

-Player whines about uninteresting battles at low tiers.
Az1mt: “ I feel your pain, bro.”
RG:*Az1mt*a dev from SB.