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Thread: Crew not updating

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    Crew not updating

    my crews are no longer updated. On the tank T-15, my commander has just finished his 2nd skill and is at about 10% with his 3rd skill. VBaddict still shows that he's at 99% on his 2nd skill. The problem is true for all tanks/crews. Due to the amount of XP that is missing, I think that the problem did start some days ago, maybe a week or so. As far as I know, there was a minor update on WoT at that time.
    I am using ADU Version and ATS Version 1.0.38. All replays are uploaded fine and there are no errors in the log.
    Kind regards,
    Zorroot / Oliver Wilhelm Tell

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    I've been having trouble with ATS for months. I got it working a few weeks ago but it has stopped again.

    Is there a way to force the ATS info to upload? Like, is it something I could do before I log off WoT at the end of a session?

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    The last ADU / ATS update fixed this Problem. Thx Phalynx


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