finished catching up on a Q&A from Murazor:
-Thanks to Ctacello.

-What about a Polish branch? – After seeing all the data about the Polish tanks we came to the conclusion that it’s unlikely it will come anytime soon. *(Problem is that there already exist Polish tanks in game and the devs want more “individual” tech trees instead)
-We there be HTs for the CZ tree? -”Can you tell me of at least one HT CZ from correct time frame?
-Anything you heard about the E15? -What kind of tank? Maybe you mean the German E-10 with varying suspension. First, we will launch the Swedish with that feature and if all goes well then we will think about adding those vehicles.
-Murazor says that the intermediate tanks of the German HT line (Tiger I and Tiger II) need some work done during global rebalance.
-Sandbox will continue this year.
-The Devs will think about a player’s idea of rewarding point by damage assist when a player hits and damages/breaks the engine of an enemy.
-Japanese and Chinese TD and SPGs are a current priority of the devs. (They have gathered enough information on the matter)
-Why not implement a function where players can charge different type of shells in one magazine? -It’s quite difficult in terms of implementation and some players may have problems with such function.
RG: Seems like a polite way to say, “we are too lazy and we think you are too dumb for this.”
-In Sandbox, the ”Stun” ability will be a unique SPG ability for the time being.
-Murazor finds the idea of an Autoloader gun with 14 shells in the magazine and 2 minutes reload time stupid because most players don’t shoot that much in a course of a battle.
-What about missiles like in AW and WT? -Do you really want more “arties”?
– WG won’t go back to the old format of buying premium shells with gold.
-”what have you done to the Skorpion G?” *-We corrected some stats which wouldn’t make it a shitty or over buffed tank.
-The fact that WG made Premium shell purchase less P2W is one of then reasons the global rebalance is taking place. Some tanks have been power crept since.
-IS-7 will be rebalanced but it’s something that the devs will do very careful because it’s a tank that can anger a lot of players.
-What are the most interesting features of the Swedish vehicles? -Well, for TDs is the suspension but for HT I got nothing to say.