I won't translate the article directly, I'll just sum it up. Server WoT News, known for its very reliable info (they never post claims or rumors) has issued a warning. Basically what happened: there are players and 3rd party sites, offering "cheap/free gold", which can be "redeemed/claimed" only by entering your WoT account username and password on that respective site. Needless to say, it's a scam. If you do that, you'll get your account stolen. But there's more. Some players actually send chat messages to others, masquerading as "developers", claiming the player "won a prize", asking for the same stuff (or even credit card info) so they can "verify your identity". Yep, that's a scam too.
Wargaming employee will never ask you for your account details, simply because he doesn't need to, he can see them in the system. Also, Wargaming (thru its portal) is the only legal provider of gold, every other "50% off" offer is a scam.

Additionaly, the bastards can install all sorts of crap on your computer thru such sites - malware, spyware, whatever. So don't fall for that shit. Now, we EU server denizens have our own experiences, there was a plague of this especially in the Polish and Czechoslovak community, because several morons actually recommended these websites "to get even with evil Wargaming". They were so dumb they even posted an open thread about this on a 3rd party server (which anyone could read), bragging how much gold they bought from the Chinese. Naturally, everyone from that thread got banned (dozens of people literally) and the shitheads came raging on the forum about it (I literally laughed my ass off).

Don't be such a moron. Thanks.