Seems that the re-re-re-start of the site has brought out various people in the various topics that complain that they lost all their replays when the site shut down either that first time, or the 2nd time due to HDD failure. While I can understand that it’s a pain in the ass, I would like to say this:

  • This site has never been a guaranteed never-deletes-any-replays-and-archives-them-forever type deal.
  • I have always said that if you want to keep your replays safe, make sure you have your own backups, because frankly I can’t back up everything that gets uploaded.

The reason I can’t back up everything that gets uploaded is tightly coupled to the “never deletes replays” item. It’s a financial thing. You see, the server this site runs on already runs about 60 euros per month, that includes 100Gb backup space. It takes, on average, 150.000 replays to have a database big enough as to where it can’t be backed up into that 100Gb anymore. That’s not even counting the replay files themselves.
To get more backup space, that’ll be an additional 20 euros per month on top of the 60 that I’m already paying. That’s 80 euros per month, out of my own pocket. So to those people who complain loudly about having lost it all? That’s tough shit. If some of you would’ve donated a few spare bucks every now and then it might’ve been another story, but over the years it’s become rather clear that everyone wants a nice fat prime rib meal for a dime, and it’s just not going to happen.
Donations are one of those things that let me get away with spending the money I do on the site; because the donations generally go towards backup space, more traffic, additional harddisks (did you know, for example, that the database lives on a rather expensive SSD these days?), and other server related things.
So, either stop complaining and/or hurling insults, or put your money where your mouth is, because realistically speaking, spending 80 euros for the privilege of having insults hurled at me isn’t going to motivate me to do things to the site.
Just a reminder.