Hello everyone,
Bit slow today, but we now have the full stats for the Panther II changes in supertest. So far…
General Changes

-Added new 8.8cm KwK L/100 gun
-Changed tank discription
-Armor Changes

Tier 8
HP: 1500
Weight: 54.71 ton
Engine Power: 700hp
Power/Weight: 12.79
Speed: 55kph (for.)/ 20kph (rev.)
Hull Traverse: 26°/sec
Turret Traverse: 31.3°/sec
Terrain Resistances: .767/.959/2.014
Hull Armor: 100/60/?mm
Turret Armor: 120/60/?mm
View Range: 390m
Radio Range: 740m
8.8cm KwK L/100

Ammo Types: AP/APCR/HE
Penetration: 223/261/44mm
Damage: 240/240/295
Rate of Fire: 7.821
DPM: 1877.1
Reload: 7.671
Aim Time: 2.12 sec
Accuracy: .288
Elevation/Depression: +20°/-8°
Armor Changes