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Thread: WN8 Score for the New Swedish Tank

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    WN8 Score for the New Swedish Tank


    Not sure about this but the WN8 score for my games in the Strv m/42-57 swedish tank are always 145 no matter what my damage count is. Now i could guess this is because it is a new tank and a base of damage to score the WN8 off of needs to be setup. But my question is, will these games have the WN8 updated once a base score is found?


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    Yes, the games are updated when the expected damage and WN8 are calculated.

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    As far as I know values for the Strv are now in WN8, if only based on the a similar tank, but vbaddict hasn't been updated still. Shame, having some amazing games in that little beauty and getting 145 every time

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    Dont expect this to ever be fixed i think they have given up on this project now,
    none of the tanks that have come out lately have wn8 stats,
    Rheinmetall Skorpion g
    AMX M4 49 L
    Strv m/42-57 Alt A.2
    M4 Improved
    AC 1 Sentinel

    and others there are loads of threads on this as well .


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