As always, the questions were redacted by me. I'd also hereby like to express my thanks to Overlord for being the only developer who bothers with posting in English and keeps answering our sometimes silly questions :)

Q: How's it with Garage Battles?
A: No time frame for garage battles at this stage, we are thinking of a totally new concept for them and not ready to announce it just yet.

Q: New maps?
A: Neither mods nor maps were planned for 8.4. Next update will bring at least one new map.

Q: What about the E-sports and endgame?
A: Guess, you have already heard of our thoughts on promoting esports and competitive play in-game (possible new mode). We are thinking of an in-game support for 7/42 mode with skill-based matchmaking, ratings and such stuff. Full teams are much harder to find. We are going to promote other formats as well. As for CWs, I have said enough in the recent posts. We are planning a lot of changes. CW is becoming a high priority these days. Unfortunately it hasn't been so up until now.

Q: Yeah yeah ... CW. Many clans are giving up as there are some "old boys" just sitting on provinces for last two years with no way to get rid of them without nukes, so who cares anyway?
A: That's why we need regular wipes and seasons.

Q: What about duel battles for example?
A: Duels would require special maps and are likely to be a kind of entertainment for very few.

Q: What about the number of drawing/prototype tanks in World of Tanks, isn't that a problem?
A: I can't say that agree here. AT-series has got its place in game just like most of top tier German, American, Soviet, and especially French tanks that have seen no or little no service and/or combat use. If you take a closer look, I'm sure you are good at warfare history, you will see how limited was RL usage of tanks with most of the nations having only several highly reliable and popular models. Not dozens. With our numbers (200+ tanks), we don't plan to maintain 100% authenticity, borders have been watered down.

Q: Skill-based MM?
A: Skill-based MM-ing will work only for ranked battles - eg 7/42 mode.

Q: Why not skill-based MM in randoms?
A: Because ordinary player shouldn't be punished for its skill, getting the hardest possible competition in every battle.

Q: Historical battles in random?
A: As for historical battles, we dont think they are suitable for random. They should contain some nicely developed PVE element. That requires time.

Q: OMG, anti-German bias!
A: There should be smth anti-german in every update. ..... Everything is good apart from the "German tanks were superior on the battlefield because they communicated and teams that communicate are superior in WOT" thing. You really need to abandon all myths.

Q: How fast will the new tank branches come?
A: Allow at least 1.5 months for each tank line.

Q: About the 8.4 test Tortoise - I am a bit confused: it has quite a weak armor (or more specifically, a huge weakspot on one of its sides). Storm wrote that it's intentional and it's compensated by high HP pool, but some people claim he was being ironic and that the Tortoise is scheduled for an armor buff (and the weakspot is a bug). How is it really?
A: Armour groups on Tortoise are messed up - half of its front hull is 38mm. Guys will see to it and fix the bugs.

Q: What about the pre-battle countdown?
A: As for "countdown is supposed be used to make a plan" there was some discussion of how to improve the situation, but it hasn't been finalized and is not in development yet.