Latest stats of the German Tier 8 heavy, straight from supertest.


Tier 8
HP: 1700
Engine Power: 1,200
Weight: 120.45 ton
Power to Weight: 9.96
Speed: 20kph (for.)/ 15kph (rev.)
Hull Traverse: 15°/s
Turret Traverse: 15.6°/s
Terrain Resistances: 0.767/0.863/1.918
Hull Armor: 200/130/?mm
Turret Armor: 220/160/?mm
View Range: 400m
Signal Range: 740.4m

128mm Kw.K L/50
Damage: 490/490/630
Penetration: 220/250/65mm
DPM: 1803.5
Rate of Fire: 3.681
Reload: 16.301s
Accuracy: 0.384
Aim Time: 2.59 sec
Elevation/Depresion: +30°/-8°