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Thread: Damage Inflicted, Damage Received?

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    Damage Inflicted, Damage Received?

    Thanks Again Phalynx:

    I appreciate your charts of each of my individual tank's performance.

    Some lines wiggle up, some wiggle down. But their direction corresponds to what I remember about my recent battles.

    Except for damage inflicted and damage received.

    I'm currently playing 4 tanks, the T29, T20, AMX 13 75 and the AMX 12t. The graphs for these values seem to be almost flat lined.

    Considering the excursions I'm seeing in the other graphs, I'd expect these to wiggle more.

    Is there an issue with these graphs? Or am I just too predictable?

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    That's normal, if the damage dealt and received has too much difference. The Chart has to start and stop somewhere, and if you bring two values together which are not next to each other, the line will not get that "wiggle" feeling.


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