Alright, the first FTR poll is officially over. What are its results?

First and foremost, lets look at Overlord's poll first - after all, it was the inspiration for the one of mine. Overlord asked, what kinds of tanks do we want. His results were:

Votes: 2017
Expansion of current trees: 40 percent
Japanese tree: 16 percent
Mixed EU tree: 24 percent
Separated EU minitrees: 12 percent
Something else: 5 percent

This is a general result for the EU and NA server - I assume those are the people who read Overlord's blog. The "expansion of current trees" victory is not surprising - after all, this category includes the Leopard 1 branch, the German TD's, the British Firefly and other highly-requested vehicles. I am rather sure that if Overlord asked after their introduction, the results would be a lot, lot lower.

The result of the Japanese tree come (IMHO) mostly from the US server - while the US community has a strong "faction" focusing on Japanese tanks, such a "faction" is missing on the EU server. Altogether the Japanese tree result is unsurprising - if anything, I expected it to be lower (since the US server has nowhere near as many players as the EU one).

EU tree results - altogether 36 percent - are not surprising either. After all, 2 out of 3 biggest EU communities (Czech and Polish) don't have their own vehicles yet (unless you count the Panzer 35t and 38t, used by Germans, which is not exactly the same thing as having Czechoslovak crews). What is surprising is the difference between Overlord's poll and FTR poll. Here's how the FTR poll ended:
EU tree - what would you prefer?
Votes: 2006
Separate smaller national trees: 43 percent
One big EU supertree with everything mashed together: 56 percent

Here, the difference between audiences probably takes place. Only about 15 percent of this blog's readers are Americans, the rest is Europe and Asia (China, Vietnam, Hongkong, Korea - altogether roughly 5 percent). Thus, it can be concluded that the Europeans are much more in favour of the separate national minitrees than Americans (roughly 50:50), while Americans would prefer one big EU tree (roughly 75:25 or even more). This is logical due to the EU server demography.

It is already decided that the Japanese tree will come first (possibly end of 2013 or early 2014), but I really hope Wargaming takes a long hard look at their EU pre-concept and will start working on series of minitrees, leaving only the most exotic vehicles for the "EU mashup". After all, considering we do now have a Chinese tree (even though the Chinese civil war was brutal, original Chinese World of Tanks vehicles had very little impact on the world history of tank designs), Polish, Czechoslovak, Italian, Swedish, possibly Hungarian and other vehicles do warrant their own separate minitree as a tribute to the tank history contribution