As you know, the patch 8.4 has been announced (comes out tomorrow on Russian server). English full patchnotes for example here.

- when the enemy tanks damagets your periscope (rangefinder, vision device) while being out of range for the damaged visor (but not the repaired one), it will disappear with the next cycle of visibility check (SS: the visibility checks frequency varies from splits of second to up to 3 seconds I think)
- damaging the rangefinder (periscope, visor) works even for open-topped vehicles (SS: there it apparently counts as the binoculars being destroyed)
- the top German (Bundeswehr) LT's and meds won't be Bundeswehr-green, they will be gray
- the devs won't remove the possibility of changing your tank models (remodelling)
- HESH shells in game work just like HE shells, this won't change
- Q: "There are rumors the IS-7 will have the speed increased in 8.5, is it true?" A: "Interesting, where did you here these rumors?" (and after the player posted the source - some blog post) "Ah, okay. Not rumors. I don't read posts/suggestion for tank rebalance at all, because history shows that they're wrong in 99 percent of cases."
- no plans to allow the crews to retrain for tanks of other nations, not even for gold
- there is no special medal for dealing damage, as dealing damage is already rewarded with silver
- Conqueror will not be made a premium tank
- torque isn't take into consideration when calculating engine performance
- Leopard and Luchs don't have historically drum-autoloaders, but magazines
- VK3002DB a part of the second medium branch? "Wait for official announcement"
- the VK7201 FaiLowe isn't a fake (confirmed by Storm)
- New branch of German heavies planned? "No comment"
- Sturmtiger will not come in 2013