At this moment, with our game and the Nvidia drivers we find ourselves in a rather stupid situation. The 306 driver series are stable, but they have low performance on mobile chipsets. Version 314 is unstable (it causes crashes when accessing some interface elements) but it improves performance on mobile chipsets by 50-100 percent!
Both we and Nvidia are working at this moment to fix the crashes. So there's hope. If the game doesn't crash for you when using 314 drivers (it doesn't crash for most people and works normally on most machines) and you have a mobile chipset (the one ending with M, for example GeForce 640M), I recommend using these new drivers.


- Storm states it's nobody's fault, just a coincidence
- Storm also states that the crashes happen in the interface (SS: the tech tree to be exact, drop-down menus, research etc.), often a large amount of crashes is caused by mods
- this bug doesn't concern Radeon products at all
- Wargaming is cooperating with Nvidia on this directly, Storm however doesn't know about the details of cooperation