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Thread: ADU isn't uploading replays (although activated)

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    ADU isn't uploading replays (although activated)

    Title says it:

    ADU has not been uploading the last 2200 battle-replays. Results are recognized and uploaded, but replays not.

    The option is activated incl. deletion of local replays after upload. Path is set correctly.

    When I click the "upload a replay" button, I am in the replay folder and a selected replay is uploaded and deleted correctly.

    Problem is, it doesn't do it automatically and I can't feed more than one replay manually. When clicking "upload a replay" more than 3 times in a row, the whole task is not responding anymore for a long time, although it's still doing the pending uploads.

    Is that a known problem? If not, what could I try to make the automatic uploads work again?

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    Add.: Multiple-Selection of large number or replays is working now, Thanks!

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    You're welcome!

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